“The Infinity Entity” by Jim Starlin, Alan Davis and Ron Lim Review

Infinity Entity

The Infinity Entity

Writer:  Jim Starlin

Artists:  Alan Davis and Ron Lim

Released:  2016

Collects:  The Infinity Entity #1-4 and Thanos Annual #1

This story takes place in between The Infinity Relativity and The Infinity Finale. I already read both of those and didn’t feel like anything was missing, so this felt pretty non-essential. The four issue story follows around Adam Warlock who has no memory of why Time and Space are being wiped out. He takes some interesting detours to figure it out, including time traveling to an original Avengers meeting and having a discussion with all of the cosmic entities that govern the universe. The story seems to tie in to some previous events with a certain devil analog character that didn’t quite deliver on a pay off set up in issue one.

Also included here is a Thanos annual that tells the story of when Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet and he sent several projections of himself to answer questions before he would lose it (possessing the time gem, he was aware right away he would lose the Gauntlet, and is able to visit younger versions of himself). The story doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it was a lot of fun and the best part of this trade paperback not named Alan Davis. Seriously, Alan Davis is amazing. The art in this book is fantastic (Ron Lim is also always reliable).

3 star


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