“The Terror” by Dan Simmons Review

The Terror Author:  Dan Simmons Released:  2007 He knew something that the men did not; namely that the Devil trying to kill them up here in the Devil's Kingdom was not just the white-furred thing killing and eating them one be one, but everything here -- the unrelenting cold, the squeezing ice, the electrical storms, the uncanny... Continue Reading →

“Sharpe’s Revenge” by Bernard Cornwell Review

Sharpe's Revenge Author:  Bernard Cornwell Released:  1989 Sharpe's Revenge was an average (for Sharpe, meaning pleasant and enjoyable) story for most of its length but took a surprisingly sad turn at the end that felt very true to the series and rescued it from becoming one of the more forgettable Sharpe adventures. The biggest hindrance to... Continue Reading →

“The Dark Half” by Stephen King Review

The Dark Half Author:  Stephen King Published:  1989 There’s a term in sports called value over replacement player. Essentially it boils down to comparing how a player’s production compares to the average performance a team can expect when trying to replace a player at minimal cost, or by using “freely available talent.” (Thank you Wikipedia... Continue Reading →

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