“Nether Isle” by Nicoline Evans

Nether Isle Author:  Nicoline Evans Published:  2015 I picked up a copy of Nether Isle by Nicoline Evans at C2E2 last month. Ms. Evans had an entire booth promoting the multiple books she had written which was the most impressive independent author set up I’d seen at a comic convention. Her books all featured very beautiful cover... Continue Reading →

“Invincible Volume 25: The End of All Things Part Two” by Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley and Cory Walker Review

Invincible Volume 25: The End of All Things Part Two Writer:  Robert Kirkman Artist:  Ryan Ottley & Cory Walker Released:  2018 Publisher:  Image Comics Reading the end of one of my all time favorite comic series reminded me a lot of watching the series finales for "Chuck," "Six Feet Under," or "Rescue Me." Those were... Continue Reading →

“Gerald’s Game” by Stephen King Review

Gerald's Game Author:  Stephen King Released:  1992 I'm going through these Stephen King books pretty close to in order of publication, so reading Gerald's Game felt a lot like Misery: Part Deux. Unfortunately that's not a compliment as that book was a particularly unpleasant reading experience. With both books, our protagonist is stuck in a bed and unable... Continue Reading →

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