“Shape’s Siege” by Bernard Cornwell Review

Sharpe's Siege Author:  Bernard Cornwell Published:  1987 Sharpe's Siege picks up with the English army working their way into France, Sharpe happily married to Jane and Harper the proud father of a two month old. Sharpe's soldierly duties always come first however, and here he is drafted into helping the Royal Navy on a mission to... Continue Reading →

“Nailbiter, Volume 2: Bloody Hands” by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson Review

Nailbiter, Vol. 2: Bloody Hands Written by: Joshua Williamson Art by: Mike Henderson Published:  2015 Volume 2 of Nailbiter was a bit of a letdown from the first volume. The main culprit was story decompression as 2 of the 5 issues included featured what read like stand alone issues (featuring stories about a Beekeeper and... Continue Reading →

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