“Ain’t Got Time to Bleed” by Andrew Shaffer, Illustrated by Steven Lefcourt Review

Ain't Got Time To Bleed Writer:  Andrew Shaffer Illustrator:  Steven Lefcourt Published:  2017 The premise of "Ain't Got Time to Bleed" is 29 action movie characters are examined by medical professionals to determine what effect the various injuries they sustain throughout the movie would have on them, and if they would survive or not. The... Continue Reading →

“The Angel Chronicles: Vol. 2” by Richie Tankersly Cusick Review

The Angel Chronicles: Vol. 2 Author:  Richie Tankersly Cusick Published:  1998 My preface from The Angel Chronicles: Vol. 1 stated: There are a set of Buffy novelizations that are coming up in my reading order that focus on one of the supporting characters in the Scooby gang. Each book selects a few episodes that feature the chosen... Continue Reading →

“Other Minds: The Octopus, The Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness” by Peter Godfrey-Smith Review

Other Minds: The Octopus, The Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness Author:  Peter Godfrey-Smith Released:  2017 Octopuses have an ability to adapt to the special circumstances of captivity and their interaction with human keepers...In New Zealand, an octopus took a dislike to one member of the lab staff, for no obvious reason, and whenever... Continue Reading →

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