“Thinner” by Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachman) Review

Thinner Author:  Steven King Released:  1984 Along with Christine, Thinner is the Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachman) book whose concept made me think “he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel with that.” Well before reading the book, I felt like I had enough an idea of how this book would go and that I’d never need to... Continue Reading →

“Sharpe’s Regiment” by Bernard Cornwell Review

Sharpe's Regiment Author:  Bernard Cornwell Released:  1986 Sharpe’s Regiment could be subtitled Sharpe versus the London Bureaucracy. Most Sharpe books follow a familiar formula, where Sharpe must overcome a plot by the French or French supporters that will involve a battle or two. Along the way Sharpe will best a superior officer who underestimates him because... Continue Reading →

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