“The Touch” by F. Paul Wilson Review

The Touch Author:  F. Paul Wilson Released:  1986 As a stand alone book in F. Paul Wilson's Adversary Cycle, The Touch barely ties into the events of the Repairman Jack world or even the rest of the Adversary Cycle stories, but was overall one of my favorite books I've read by the author. The book is... Continue Reading →

“Beyond the Blue Event Horizon” by Frederik Pohl review

Beyond the Blue Event Horizon Author:  Frederik Pohl Released:  1980 This is the sequel to Gateway a book that I thought had some really interesting ideas about some uninteresting and unlikable characters. That book ended **spoiler alert** with Robinette Broadhead being the lone survivor of a mission of ten people with the other nine being sucked into... Continue Reading →

“Songbook” by Nick Hornby Review

Songbook Author:  Nick Hornby Released:  2003 My favorite book I read last year was Ten Years in The Tub, Nick Hornby’s collection of columns from The Believer detailing his book reading and purchasing each month. Being a huge music fan as well, I was eager to read Songbook(originally published as 31 Songs, then rereleased with a few bonus... Continue Reading →

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