“The Lone Ranger: Vindicated” from Dynamite Comics Review

The Lone Ranger: Vindicated from Dynamite Comics Writer:  Justin Gray Artist:  Rey Villegas Published:  2015 Vindicated is listed as a standalone Lone Ranger adventure, or at least it lacks the number on the side of the trade paperback to indicate where it should fall in the reading order.  I’ve read about all of the Dynamite... Continue Reading →

“Night Terrors” by Alice Henderson Review

Night Terrors (A Stake Your Destiny Buffy Book) Author: Alice Henderson Published:  2005 Maybe I’m biased because I made it through this book to a happy ending on my first try, but this was my favorite of the Stake Your Destiny Buffy books. I wrote in my review for Keep Me In Mind that “the entire... Continue Reading →

“Quasar” #46-60 by Mark Gruenwald and Ron Marz

Quasar #46-60 by Marvel Comics Writers - Mark Gruenwald, Ron Marz Artists - Andy Smith, Grant Miehm, John Heebrink Published 1993-1994 **Note, this review is for Quasar issues #46-60** The final 15 issues of Quasar felt like an encapsulation of the things that made this an entertaining as well as frustrating series. Once again, Quasar gets... Continue Reading →

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