“Stand on Zanzibar” by John Brunner Review

Stand on Zanzibar Author:  John Brunner Published:  1968 Stand on Zanzibar won the 1969 Hugo Award for best novel, beating (among other books) Rite of Passage which was a book I really enjoyed.  While Stand on Zanzibar was much more ambitious than Rite of Passage, I preferred Panshin’s book to Brunner’s though Zanzibar was still... Continue Reading →

“Hollywood Failure” by Will Phillips Review

Hollywood Failure Author:  Will Phillips Published:  2014 I’ve mentioned my love of the website Kickstarter.com before, and Hollywood Failure is another book that we stumbled across on that site.  The author seemed funny enough in his video and indicated he had already written the book (which is usually the biggest hurdle to somebody self publishing)... Continue Reading →

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