“Nailbiter, Vol. 1: There Will be Blood” by Joshua Williamson Review


Nailbiter, Vol. 1: There Will be Blood

Author: Joshua Williamson

Release Date: 2014

Nailbiter is a series about a small town that has been the birth place of 16 different serial killers, including a man who gnawed the fingernails off of his victims. A police officer goes to the town to try to discover what happened, and he goes missing. The series picks up when the officer’s friend, a man who specializes in interrogation, goes to find out what happened to his friend. **Spoiler alert** There’s also some indication the main character is on trial for murder somewhere.

This series had a lot of interesting twists and ideas at work, so I’m interested in seeing if the author can make everything payoff and/or tie together. The art is slightly below average, with faces in particular looking warped in profile shots. It’s also unclear at the beginning whether there is a supernatural element or not, and while I’m sure that’s intentional by the writer the way it was executed was a bit frustrating (a character disappearing between panels).



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