“Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me” by Steven Hyden Review


Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me

Author: Steven Hyden

Release Date: May 2016

I found myself enjoying this book for what it was (the stories of why different musical artists have feuded, and what that means about society and ourselves) but also being a bit disappointed by what it wasn’t (a comparison of the two bands, and who is the winner). Most of the fun in arguing about music is elevating one artist/album/song over another, and while this book had some of it, I would have preferred more.

Enough with the criticism though. Overall Hyden brought his easy writing style and vast knowledge of many different areas to make rivalries I didn’t care about (White Stripes vs Black Keys for instance) interesting enough to read about.

For his next book, I suggest he brings his overrated/underrated column to the next level with deep dives into band discographies.



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