“This Immortal” by Roger Zelazny Review


This Immortal

Author: Roger Zelazny

Release Date: October 1965

My first Roget Zelazny book featured a plot that didn’t make much sense and the very annoying quality of being all one long chapter. But, I gave it four stars so obviously I enjoyed something about it.

“This Immortal” (a/k/a “And Call me Conrad) is the story of an immortal who serves as a tour guide for an alien with a mysterious agenda, and one of the other people in the group is an assassin trying to kill the alien. (Side note – early Hugo award winners must have got bonus points for using immortality as the plot device, as it’s been present in three of the first ten.)

The relationship and rivalry between Conrad and Hasan (the assassin) was the major character arc of this book and it was a joy to read. Both men were trained killers but didn’t take it personal, which also provided for some tense moments of potential conflict. Add in a giant armor played dog, straight out of a Benji movie and overall I had a lot of fun reading this book.



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