“The Suicide King” by Robert Joseph Levy Review


Suicide King

Author: Robert Joseph Levy

Release Date: February 2005

Students at Sunnydale High are killing themselves at an alarming rate. At first, the Scooby gang thinks that life on the Hellmouth is getting to their classmates, but anybody who has ever watched the show knows there’s more likely a demonic explanation for what’s going on. That’s the setting for this Choose Your Own Adventure style book set in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Universe.

My first reading of this book lasted about twenty pages before I died. I thought that I was making the choices the characters on the show would make, but my first death involved following up on alleged death by peanut allergy by a fellow student but that somehow led to me investigating a warehouse and confronting Spike and Drucilla on my own. That was fairly frustrating, as it seems like there are a few interim choices I had to make to get at that point that were unrelated to the peanut allergy kid.

When I tried again, I tried to go the opposite route of Buffy (including going to a movie with Cordelia, something I doubt either character would ever have done on the show) and ended up doing much better (though aided with some knowledge of clues that I had found my first time through. This second trip through allowed for me to survive at the cost of one poor soul being sacrificed to entrap the Suicide King.

On my third time though, process of elimination made it a fairly easy path to survive until the end, for a happily ever after while patrolling the cemetery with Angel. This story taking place during season two of the television show allows for some fun insight by the reader into how things really turn out between Buffy, Angel and Spike. For fans of the tv show I thought this was a pretty fun entry into the novelization series.



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