“MaddAddam” (Maddaddam #3) by Margaret Atwood Review



Author: Margaret Atwood

Release Date: August 2013

The final book of the MaddAddam trilogy does a nice job of connecting to the previous two novels. Book one, “Oryx and Crake” told the story of the end of the world through the viewpoint of Jimmy, the man known as Snowman to the Crakers. “The Year of the Flood” shifted viewpoint to a religious cult that gave much more depth to the world prior to mass extinction of mankind, and featured several characters that appeared in “Oryx and Crake” as side characters. Finally, in “MaddAddam,” we find out what happened to Jimmy, Toby, Adam, Zeb and the rest at the end of the first two novels.

Here, the Gardeners are living with the Crakers and trying to build some semblance of a society despite the continued danger of the Painballers. Toby is probably the main character of this series despite not really being around until book two. In this book she takes the reigns from Jimmy in educating the Crakers, and one Craker child named Blackbeard also shows the sort of growth that one would imagine this new species of man will undergo in future generations.

The best part of this book is the rapid fire ending that takes a sort of “Six Feet Under” last episode approach and gives plenty of closure for the reader in terms of what happens to each character (which is also a very sad way to say goodbye to several characters you’ve enjoyed for a trilogy). I enjoyed this trilogy, but I think I will enjoy the idea of the world the characters live in more than I actually enjoyed reading the books. That’s an odd comment to make because Atwood’s writing was very good, with several parts I really enjoyed, but the books lacked the sort of urgency you get with great writing where you have to know what happens next or can’t stop thinking about when it’s done. Good, but not amazing science fiction.



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