“Halloween Rain” by Christopher Golden Review


Halloween Rain

Author: Christopher Golden

Release Date: November 1997

The second Buffy book published misses the mark quite often on the characterizations of the cast as well as makes some plot inaccuracies that stand out if you’re a diehard fan.

The dialogue in this book resembles the film much more than the tv series. Buffy and the gang bonded instantly in the series but this book still has several instances for the gang not being sure about each other (Buffy being skeptical of Giles, Willow dropping tons of audible hints to her attraction to Xander, etc). The problem is compounded by references to past adventures and Principal Flutie having already died, clearly putting this past the early growing pains in the characters’ relationships.

The plot of the book is OK, with Samhain reanimating zombies and trying to kill Buffy in an orchard. The best part of the story is crazy Mr. O’Leary, and older guy who thinks there is supernatural events occurring in Sunnydale (something the tv show was always lacking). Unfortunately the entire plot (much like Xander’s pocket knife in the story) is something that doesn’t make sense or exist in the show’s continuity as the early seasons established the lack of demonic activity on Halloween.

Maybe this would be more fun for the casual fan or if it had been read once as soon as it was published and then forgotten soon afterwards, but read years later too much didn’t feel right with the series.



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