“Creatures of Forever” (The Last Vampire #6) by Christopher Pike Review


Creatures of Forever

Author: Christopher Pike

Release Date: January 1996

** spoiler alert ** For whatever reason, I read the first five books in this series several years ago and never read the final book. Instead of rereading them now I’ve went ahead and dug into book six but I think I remembered enough of the major stuff (she’s a vampire, Seymour is her friend, her daughter died, Krishna was important in her life) to enjoy this as the final chapter.

The plot of this book is weird, and scattered like crazy at the beginning. The series jumps from supernatural to scifi with time and space travel brought up quickly with Seta going along with it pretty automatically. In order to set right a Harvest that’ll cost the lives of billions she needs to go confront the worst horror from her past.

Despite that setup being batshit crazy, the payoffs (both to the book and the series as a whole) made it all worthwhile. I probably should have seen the twist ending coming (the first one involving Dante) but much preferred it to the prior confrontation. The second ending (the butterfly effect one) provided some solid closure for our main character. The Seymour epilogue gives even more closure to the readers in a cliché fashion that actually felt wonderfully appropriate for this series.



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