“Coyote Moon” by John Vornholt Review


Coyote Moon

Author: John Vornholt

Release Date: January 1998

A carnival comes to town and a pack of coyotes begins prowling the streets of Sunnydale. Related? Of course. I liked this book a lot more than Halloween rain primarily because the characters and story felt more like something that would have appeared in Buffy season one. And like that season, this was hokey but fun and ultimately kind of forgettable.

The book loses a few points for Giles not knowing what cotton candy is (c’mon, there’s no way), Willow being allergic to dogs (which would have added some fun complications with Oz) and the group all having money from babysitting gigs. Besides that though the spirit of the characters felt right and the bad guys had interesting motivations and weren’t entirely predictable.



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