“The Wanderer” by Fritz Leiber Review


The Wanderer

Author: Fritz Leiber

Release Date: 1964

** spoiler alert ** Now that I’ve read two of Fritz Lieber award winning books, I’m more confident saying I don’t care for his writing. This book focuses on three main stories after a new planet shows up near our moon. Plenty of spoilers follow. The primary story, about a group of UFO fanatics on their way to a military base, is OK at times but gets completely ruined by the fact that it ends up being about Margo finding herself as a woman after shooting an alien gun, and falling in love with a married man who knows how to talk I nonsense to her and abandoning her fiancé who was stuck on the moon when gravity tore it apart. This all takes place over about one day, and there’s also talk she might actually be in love with the head scientist that they meet for one paragraph at the end.

Both her fiancé, Don, and their best friend Paul are also in love with Margo, and both end up on the new planet. Paul falls out of love with her after having sex with a cat person alien (which began with him scratching under her chin). Don falls out of love on his way back to Earth, because, well why not. Those three are the main stories, but the destruction of the Earth needs to be shown, so about a dozen stories with cardboard characters are mixed in, including a couple screwing, three marijuana smokers, and some offensive depictions of African Americans and a lesbian that really wants screwed by a man as the world is ending.

As for the good stuff, the concept as a whole wasn’t bad. The mysterious man and second planet showing up both added some twists I didn’t see coming. The same plot outline with a different writer developing the characters could have made this a great book.



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