“The Walking Dead, Compendium 3” by Robert Kirkman Review


The Walking Dead Compendium 3

Author: Robert Kirkman

Release Date: October 2015

** spoiler alert ** This was a definite tale of two halves situation. The first half of this compendium told the story of Rick and the gang fighting Negan, recently introduced on the show. Although these issues were written well enough and included some unpredictable developments I sort found myself hating reading it. The death of a longtime popular character kicks off this arc, but rather than being shocking it just felt draining. Once again, the few people left in the world were going to murder each other and follow an asshole rather than set up any sort of sustainable system. Does Kirkman have any story ideas beyond this depressing pattern of despair?

Thankfully the second half rectified those problems before ultimately foreshadowing a return to form in the end. Amazingly, Kirkman tells interesting stories about conspiracies to replace leaders, new strategies for safety and coming of age in the apocalypse. Negan even shows up and is tolerable. The new villains are clever, and creepier than any that have come before. Despite all that, I can’t help but feeling that this is all building to more of the same at the conclusion of this compendium. I’ll pick up volume four when it comes out but I’m not optimistic this story has the guts to move in any real new directions in the future.



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