“The Slow Regard of Silent Things” (The Kingkiller Chronicles #2.5) by Patrick Rothfuss Review


The Slow Regard of Silent Things

Author: Patrick Rothfuss

Release Date: October 2014

I would describe this book as a book written about what your dog does all day when you’re away at work. It turns out, not a whole lot. Written by Patrick Rothfuss (whose Kingkiller Chronicles are fantastic) and set in the rich world he’s created, this book stars the character Auri, who is great in the main series as a mysterious girl that lives underground and collects odd things and befriends the main character. But how does she hold up for 150 pages?

The author’s note at the end of the book indicated he knew this wasn’t for everybody, but that a lot of people that read it really seemed to enjoy it and relate to Auri. I suspect your enjoyment and relation to this character will depend somewhat on your ability to relate to somebody examine various objects and eventually make soap without ever speaking any dialogue or interacting with another person. The plot is about Auri trying to get a gift for a visitor a week before his visit, there’s also a subplot about finding a place to put a broken gear. The entire story is the pursuit of those two tasks. As a 40 page short story this might have been ok, but unfortunately over the course of this story it became a chore to get through. That’s despite some nifty illustrations and pretty generous spacing in the pages. I’m a completist, so I wasn’t going to not read this, but I’m glad I only spent an hour or two of my life to finish this up.



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