“The Private Eye” by Brian K. Vaughan Review


The Private Eye

Author: Brian K. Vaughan

Artist: Marcos Martin

Release Date: December 2015

I’d rate this as an average Brian K. Vaughan title. What does that mean, exactly? Overall it’s a five star story, although I’d put it behind stuff like Y the Last Man, Ex Machine or Pride of Baghdad but ahead of Paper Girls, the Escapists or We Stand on Guard.

The story takes place in a future where privacy is the cornerstone of society, a complete backlash from our ultra public, internet filled lives. Against the backdrop, a Private Investigator is hired by a woman to find everything he can find about herself. The woman is killed almost immediately afterword.

I liked a lot of the characters in this story, and thought the world it took place in was a fun change from the typical Blade Runner/Mad Max futures of most science fiction. The art was fine, although not in the same league as Fiona Staples or Pia Guerra. The Cloudburn Edition looks awesome, although it was slightly awkward to read because of the extreme rectangular dimensions of the paper; good luck getting through this without catching or creasing a page on something.



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