“The Dead Zone” by Stephen King Review


The Dead Zone

Author: Stephen King

Release Date: August 1979

The Dead Zone featured a lot of what I like about Stephen King’s writing, namely tons of characters with quick and interesting back stories. The plot of this book allowed the author to go into just about any character’s past or future with a touch from the main character delivering a jolt of information.

Johnny Smith was an interesting enough lead character, however he stays reactive to the plot for 90% of the book. After a car accident leaves him comatose he awakens with certain psychic ability based on touch. There are several supporting characters that recur throughout the book but none rise to the level of co-main character. Sarah (the love interest) disappears for the 2nd half, and even Greg Stilson, the antagonist does very little actual bad deeds in the narrative.

While reading this I kept thinking it would be a good tv show or movie; I own the DVD starring Christopher Walken and a tv series starring Anthony Michael Hall got good reviews. I look forward to checking them out now that I’ve read the source material.



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