“For Love of Mother-Not” (Pip & Flinx #5) by Alan Dean Foster Review


For Love of Mother-Not

Author: Alan Dean Foster

Release Date: 1983

The first (chronological) book in the Pip and Flinx series is a briskly paced story with likable main characters and flat/unpleasant supporting characters. The main character (Flinx) is interesting enough, and his flying snake adds some fun but the villains are cardboard and aside from a girl that helps the pair out the good guys aren’t much better. Mother Mastiff in particular was cringeworthy at the end, unable to impart even the half truths to keep her adopted son safe from two separate groups that are hunting him.

The discovery of both Pip and Flinx’s abilities as well as a great sequence on a lake both made this worth reading. Foster also makes up for under developed characters with an abundance on interesting alien life forms.



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