“Firestarter” by Stephen King Review



Author: Stephen King

Release Date: September 1980

After a government experiment results in psychic abilities for its subjects, two of the affected have a child of their own born with abilities far beyond that of her parents. The result is a tale of the government trying to control the young girl and her father’s efforts to keep her safe. Along the way a one eyed Native American government operative plays his own game of cat and mouse.

If the plot sounds ridiculous, it kind of was. I enjoyed the parts of the book centered around Andy, the father with the ability to “push” others into doing what he wants. Unfortunately the point of view character shifts throughout the book a lot with most of the characters either boring or detestable (Rainbird).

The book overall was closest to “Carrie” stylistically and in terms of actual plot and as a result it felt overly familiar. I gave it a three because it was a completely average book in the genre but it’s definitely one of the lesser works by King.



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