“Earth Awakens” (The First Formic War #3) by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston Review


Earth Awakes 

Author: Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston

Release Date: June 2014

The finale to the prequel trilogy features everything you’d expect from this series at this point, which is mostly a negative. The biggest trouble areas continue to be individuals that are smarter than world politics and can manipulate every global situation with just a few persuasive words, as well as the genius younger characters that continue to come up with simple ideas that nobody else ever thinks of.

I actually enjoy the goal of this trilogy, and the actual invasion by the bugs was what I’d hoped to find. The final battle was intense and the stakes about as high as they can be with certain characters guaranteed to survive until later books.

Hopefully any future books in this series will be able to skip the global politics (that have played the same in all of the prequel and Ender’s Shadow books) and focus on the aliens or some new direction.


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