“By the Sword” (Repairman Jack #12) by F. Paul Wilson Review

by the.jpg

By the Sword

Author: F. Paul Wilson

Release Date: 2008

“By the Sword” continues the overall feel and development of the Repairman Jack series, but the overall plot of the novel feels a bit repetitive over some of the earlier novels. Jack is retained to find a missing samurai sword, which of course has some connection to his role as the Enemy of the otherness. At the same time, Dawn Pickering from the last novel continues to be a macguffin of the magical variety, being pregnant with a baby that can bring balance to the force, or something along those lines.

The book did feature a great sequence towards the end where three different groups fighting for possession of the sword all end up in the same building at the same time. Based on that sequence alone I bumped this from a three to a four star read, but the rest of this novel was a weaker installment in the Repairman Jack series.



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