“Bloodline” (Repairman Jack #11) by F. Paul Wilson Review



Author: F. Paul Wilson

Release Date: May 2007

This installment of the Repaiman Jack franchise has Jack getting drawn into some bad guys who were born that way, and want to make sure others are as well. At this point in the series, this should really feel more repetitive than it does. Instead I found myself drawn in more than usual as Jack set his plan in motion to thwart a bad guy through the clever use of fake letters and 911 calls.

The main client is a woman who is worried about an older man dating her daughter, and the plot goes down the rabbit hole from there while still setting up future books in the series. Gia and Vicki are hardly in this book after the catastrosphic events of the last chapter, and the 18 year old who much of the plot revolves around is easy to hate at times.

All that said, I’m still really enjoying this series and can’t wait to see what happens next. Jack appears to be set to go darker than ever, blame it on his oDNA.



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