“Blackout” by Keith R.A. DeCandido Review



Author: Keith R.A. DeCandido

Release Date: August 2006

Honestly, this book didn’t seem particularly well written after the last Buffy book I read (Pretty Maids All in a Row), so why am I giving it five stars? It goes back to what a good book based on an tv show or movie should do: it took characters we already knew and told a compelling story that didn’t contradict at all with the established universe and made a few lesser known characters much more interesting.

This story basically takes a 90 second scene from a season six episode of Buffy and set the background for it for 200 pages (Spike is in 1970’s New York trying to kill a slayer, who happens to be a young mother). That sort of thing could be very boring and anticlimactic, but instead by the end of the story every page leads to some mounting dread to the inevitable ending we already are aware is coming. Add in some fun touches of the era, like Yankees fun facts, Shaft references, and the dirtiness of Times Square, and it completely won me over by the ending. I look forward to finding more books this strong in the series.



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