“The Candle of Distant Earth” by Alan Dean Foster Review


The Candle of Distant Earth

Author: Alan Dean Foster

Release Date: 2006

I started this trilogy several years ago, read the first two books (which were fun, but slightly forgettable) and just now got around to finishing up the series. I don’t know if absence made the heart grow fonder or if this was just more exciting than the first two but I really enjoyed it.

The series follows four characters as they try to find their way back home after each was abducted by an alien race. Two characters are from earth, a man and a dog with alien implants that elevates his intelligence and gave him speech; the other two are aliens, one a genius/antisocial squid and the other a hulking tentacled beast that enjoys writing sonnets.

Over the third book a ton of planets are visited. Alan Dean Foster is a master at creating fun alien worlds and this book was a great payoff to the series story arc.



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