“Double Star” by Robert Heinlein Review


Double Star

Author: Robert Heinlein

Release Date: 1956

Much like Jon Snow, I knew nothing about this book before starting it. Reading the back of it now, it correctly describes the plot as an actor having to impersonate a politician.

The book reminded me a lot of the movie “Dave.” The scifi elements were mostly restricted to describing the Martians and the new government of the solar system.

Heinlein novels typically have a protagonist that preaches common sense and is always right about everything; this book had that, although Lorenzo was a bit more well rounded than most Heinlein protagonists in that he at least doubted himself.

The ending of this book was very abrupt, but unlike the Hainish Cycle books I just finished it didn’t feel rushed. Heinlein’s simple reflection on the loss of identity was a fantastic way of ending the story.



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