“Start Here, Vol 2: Read Your Way Into 25 Amazing Authors” by Jeff O’Neal Review


Start Here, Volume 2: Read Your Way Into 25 Amazing Authors

Author: Jeff O’Neal

Release Date: 2014

Essentially this book is a few pages about 25 different authors with recommendations for the first through third thing you should read by each author. Well, I’ve been at this awhile and finally finished up. After Book Riot came out with the two volumes of this, I thought it would be fun to read the first recommendation for all fifty authors.

The best thing about these books was the diversity among the authors chosen; I didn’t realize how many of the authors I read were white males until I underwent this project. The worst thing is that none of the sections were terrible in depth, and some of the recommendations were a bit on the weird side (which I’ll get into separately). Also, a few of the authors haven’t really published much work. For example, I enjoyed the Flannery O’Connor book but I probably would have picked an author with more titles as being worthy of inclusion here.

Here’s how I’d break up the first twenty five:

Excellent recommendation, Can’t wait to read more by the Author:
Isaac Asimov – “The Caves of Steel”
Octavia Butler – “Speech Sounds”
Dave Eggers – Zeitoun
Ursula K. Leguin – “The Wizard of Earth Sea”
Alan Moore – “Supreme: Story of the Year” (This is cheating though; this is my favorite comic writer of all time and I’d already all of the recommendations. This is a great place to start though.)
George Orwell – “Animal Farm”
Charles Portis – “True Grit”
Philip Roth – “Goodbye, Columbus”
James Salter – “The Hunters” (My single favorite new book I found when doing this challenge.)
John Steinbeck – “Cannery Row” (Like Alan Moore, this is cheating too. I’d real all of Steinbeck’s books listed, and he’s never written a bad one. There is no wrong place to start with Steinbeck. Except for maybe ‘The Pearl.’)

Glad I read it, Not Sure if I’d Read More:
Douglas Coupland – “Hey Nostradamus”
Roald Dahl – “Someone Like You”
Jennifer Egan – “Look at Me”
John Green – “The Fault in Our Stars”
Collum McCann – “Dancer”
China Mieville – “Perdido Street Station”
David Mitchell – “Black Swan Green”
Toni Morrison – “The Bluest Eye”
Dorothy Parker – “Enough Rope”

Poor recommendation for first book:
Flannery O’Connor – “Mystery and Manners: Occasional Prose” (I actually enjoyed this book, but even within it the author talks about just reading an authors work is the best way to get into an author, not to know anything about the person ahead of time. That said, I’ll check out more of her writing anyways.)
Salman Rushdie – “Haroun and the Sea of Stories” (This book felt like it was written for children to read, but then padded out so long that no kid would want to read it. I think something geared more towards adults would have been a better first recommendation.)
Virginia Woolf – “A Room of One’s Own” (Yet another not very entertaining essay instead of something that I hopefully would have enjoyed more.)

Didn’t like, probably wouldn’t read more
Anne Carson – “Eros the Bittersweet”
William Faulkner – “The Bear”
Daniel Woodrell – “Under the Bright Lights”

Overall, I had more fun with the idea of this book than actually reading it. That being said, I’m glad I got it for the book recommendations, and would buy more in the series if they made them. Many of these have more in depth reviews on my Goodreads page. This book had two of my favorite authors (Moore and Steinbeck) and introduced me to the best of all the new books I read in James Salter, so it gets one more star than the first volume.


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