“Gateway” (Heechee Saga #1) by Frederik Pohl Review



Author: Frederik Pohl

Release Date: April 1977

While enjoyed the setting and the writing style, the main character of this book was so whiny (and pretty much a terrible person) that at times it became less of a sci-fi novel and more of a character study that I really didn’t want to examine.

I’d compare it to Rabbit Redux but with a cool outer space story worked in.


One thought on ““Gateway” (Heechee Saga #1) by Frederik Pohl Review

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  1. I really enjoyed this one. I liked the mystery surrounding the Heechee and their ships. Also the bit at the end where you find out his love interest is still trying to escape the black hole due to time dilation was an interesting twist. I felt that kind of made up for his twisted thinking but you’re right he was a bit whiny at times.


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